About Us

SPFoodBank has been providing essential food bank service in the lower mainland for over 20 years to low-income single parent families.  We are a small, self-supporting, independent organization with a primary mission of providing what are classified as hard-to-stock items at many food banks - quality, nutritional perishable foods.  We buy baby items for emergency packages and receive non-perishable foods as they are donated.

Our service is managed from the home offices of the Board Off Directors, part-time staff and key volunteers. Streamlined overhead costs allow for more fundraising dollars to go directly to the purchase of Fresh perishable foods. The SPFB utilizes a small storage facility and recruits volunteers to support operations; shopping is typically done on the day of, or a day prior to delivery in an effort to limit storage costs and ensure quality. We have a small team of paid fundraisers (single parents, seniors and persons with disabilities). 

As of 2014 SPFB has changed it's operations and will now deliver perishable foods to single parents who are disabled, lacking in child care or transportation. Clients are referred to us from other community agencies where many are active in personal and family programming so that they can lead healthier, happier more productive lives.
As of 2014 the Single Parent Food Banks Of B.C. Society is
under New Management, identifying ourselves as SPFOODBANK
We have a New Board of Directors and Voting Members.
 Effective Feb 21st 2014 Mirek Kwasny has been (removed) as Director of the Single Parent Food Banks of BC Society now SPFOODBANK
  We are registered as non-profit organization effective October 26, 1996 under the BC Society Act #S34387
We are in Good Standing with the BC Society Act.
  We are also Registered with Revenue Canada as a Non Profit Organization.
We have Business Licenses (as a non-profit ) for each community we fundraise.
 We conduct our face to face (D2D) fundraisers to Residential Homes & Businesses
all our representatives will have Picture ID from SPFOODBANK,
Government Documentation, and a dated Authorization Letter from SPFOODBANK with their name as our representative.
All this information must be available and to be presented upon request.
For Donations of Money, Food & Products that we recieve from businesses
we issue a Receipt from the Society for "Corporations and Businesses"
(This deduction can be claimed on their Business or Corporate Tax Return)
We also issue Non-Profit Society Receipts for any "Personal Donations"
(These receipts are an Acknowledgement of your Donation ONLY)

Regarding false information,misinformation & trolls on Social Media regarding Single Parent Food Bank

  • Some news media links are from 3-7 years old and have nothing to do with the current organization that runs SPFoodBank
  • As of 2014 SPFoodBank is under new Manegement & board of directors
  • As of 2014 SPFoodBank now Home Delivers Food Hampers to Single Parents in need that require that service.
  • Claims that Single Parent Food Bank lost its charitable status is absolutely false.
  • We are a registered non profit Social Welfare organization that is in Good Standing with BC Society Act & Revenue Canada
  • Information about Mirek Kwasny was about a personal matter and is in no way conected or related to SPFoodBank.
  • Mirek Kwasny resigned from our board of directors effective Feb 21 2014 to remove any negative attacks towards SPFoodBank
  • Mirek Kwasny does however volunteer p/t because we value his experience.
  • Links on reddit.com about the Single Parent Food Bank are in the most part trolls and hateful, calling us a fraud is slander.
  • In most cases people or reporters of News Media have reported information where for the most part the reporter never bothered to call us for clarification, get the facts staright, in other words due diligence was not performed.
  • These Google search links are misleading about Single Parent Food Bank regarding the actual charitable services we do.
  • To get the FACTS STRAIGHT visit our main wesite page and click our Read Reviews from our Single Parent Clients
    which takes you to our facebook page and you can read reviews from actual facebook members that we serve. Also we have current facebook reviews
    Client Reviews 2017 their reviews carry more weight, are honest and sincere.
    So as a donor or someone wanting more information you can message them and get a more truthful report of the work we do.
  • We hope as a reporter, someone making a post, blog, you will take the time to talk to us and/our clients to know all the facts before posting any information or article on the Internet.
  • It is unfortunate and sad that some Food Banks in Metro Vancouver contribute to this misinformation but others have chosen to work with us, as we share food with each other, specificaly Share Food Bank, Muslim Food Bank, One More Time Charity,Burnett Fellowship Church, Salvation Army Maple Ridge, to name a few

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