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SPFoodBank makes every effort to ensure single parent families receive quality, nutritional perishable foods such as milk, quality produce
, bread, eggs and other proteins. We provide baby items as they are donated; food, formula and diapers. We will buy baby supplies in cases of emergency.

We encourage SPFB clients to utilize all available resources to off set those days of the month that may be most challenging. SPFB is not designed to be a long-term service.

How to receive service...   

SPFOODBANK is closed to new clients

June, July & Aug every year due to lack of Donations this time of year.

When contacting by email please fill out the registration info below
Info about us and to see if you Qualify 

We help Single Parent Families who can't use the regular Food Bank due to being "working poor" meaning they cant go to their local  food bank because they are working, or going to school when hampers are handed out, or their is a disability in the family that prevents them from going to the local Food Bank, transportation issues, or they can't bring their kids and that prevents them from visiting a local Food Bank. We are not here as an extra source of help but a means to fill a void caused by the issues mentioned above. Since most Food Banks do not deliver, this service that we will provide fills a service gap that is not currently available to Single Parents

Have you or are you using the Food Bank in your area?

Find a Food Bank http://www.foodbanksbc.com/find-a-food-bank/

Also their is QUEST Food Exchange that has some low income stores where you can buy good quality food at great savings http://www.questoutreach.org/contact/locations/

If you feel you meet our criteria, please email us with the following information;
1. Adults name
2. Address:

3. Name (Sex & Date of Birth of your children):
4. Contact number; (cell or home phone): 
5. email:
6. Monthly Income; (such as Ministry of Social Services & Housing (welfare), work, disability, child support, child tax credits):
7. Monthly Expenses; (such as Rent, utilities, etc..):
8. Reason for your need of a Home Delivery Food Hamper:
(such as a disability 
,work, school, transportation issues,
 that will require a Home Delivery of our monthly Food Hamper):

To get the registration process started you must reply to this email with the information requested
After your response by email we will review your application and if you meet our criteria
We will contact you to let you know if we can help you.
We will contact you with a delivery date for your area.

If we are at our limit of families that we can help for the month, we will have to put your family on our waiting list.
As soon as a client drops out or tells us they don't not need a hamper delivery for the month, we will remove you from the waiting list and add you to our client delivery list.
As we are a not for profit organization dependent upon donations, we are limited in the numbers of clients we can serve.
When resources allow we will contact you and let you know when we can deliver your food hamper
We are closed every July & Aug due to drop off in Donations.
We then resume services Sept 11th 2018
NOTE:  Client information is kept private and confidential.